Baggage regulations

When packing for your flight, please note your airline’s baggage regulations and the security regulations in force at Zurich Airport.

Baggage check-in

The baggage allowance depends on your airline, destination and booking class. If you have any questions about the permitted weight or size of your baggage, please contact your airline or travel agency.

Hand baggage

The permitted size and weight for hand baggage depends on your airline and booking class. For most airlines, hand baggage is allowed up to the following dimensions: 57 x 40 x 22 cm and max. 8 kg. For detailed information about hand baggage regulations, please consult the website of your Airline.

Bulky items

Special rules apply for the carriage of bulky items (musical instruments, surfboards, diving equipment, golf clubs, bicycles, etc.). If you have any questions about bulky items,  please contact your airline or travel agency.
These items will be accepted together with your other baggage at the check-in counter.nly one piece of hand luggage with you on board. As there are no international standards regarding the size and dimensions of hand luggage, you should enquire with your

According to the EU regulation there are a number of dangerous items that may not be taken on board. Check in good time what may be taken on board and what items are prohibited.

Transportation of firearms

In accordance with the statutory provisions issued by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), firearms may only be transported in checked baggage and only if empty.

The unloaded condition of relevant objects will be checked at Zurich Airport by a specially qualified company. Persons wishing to transport a firearm in their checked baggage will therefore be requested to report the transport in good time to the airline and to appear at Zurich Airport early (at least 60 minutes before the usual recommended check-in time).

Baggage wrapping service

Would you like to protect your baggage against moisture, damage or unauthorised opening?

Daily 05:30 a.m.  – 09.30 p.m., Check-in 2

Lost or damaged baggage & lost items

Did your checked baggage not arrive or was it damaged in transit? Did you forget something in the aircraft? Please contact the Lost & Found Service of your airline or its handling agent.

For items lost at the airport rail station or in the train please contact the SBB Lost and Found Office (24h every day):
Phone +41 (0)900 300 300  (CHF 1.19/Min. from Swiss fixnet)