You can find the right parking space for your needs at Zurich Airport. It is also possible to book a parking space in advance.

Park & Charge 

The newly opened “Park & Charge” zone on level 6 of car park 6 has 38 modern charging stations and is ideally equipped for your next visit. The zone is open round the clock, and you do not need to be a member of a charging network. The charging costs are included in the price for online reservations.

ConnectionType-2 socket (without charging cable)
Charging capacity11kw 400V 16A
Charging stationKEBA P30
Opening hours24hrs
Charging costs without online reservation
0-24hrs 8.00 CHF
25-48hrs12.00 CHF
up to 7 days16.00 CHF
7 or more days20.00 CHF

You can park large cars or small buses taller than 2 metres in our long-term parking spaces (P60 / P16 / P17). A convenient regional bus or shuttle (P17) will take you to the terminals.

The following lists show you where the available parking spaces are at all times at Zurich Airport as well as the up-to-date parking charges.

We recommend car parks 2 and 3 for a shopping tour in the Airport Shopping. Take advantage of discounted parking charges: if your shopping and/or dining bill is at least CHF 60 you can park for 3 hours for just CHF 3. 

Parking for taller vehicles

Parking spaces are available for vehicles which are taller than 2 metres. Please note the information in the document entitled.

In addition to the many parking options in the various car parksand the inexpensive long-term car park, official parking service providers offer a number of alternatives.

Let a parking service park your vehicle for you. Additional services such as a car wash or car service allow you to incorporate car care into your trip.

Choose between premium valet parking with parking spaces in the car parks at Zurich Airport (AMAG) and a parking service with parking spaces outside Zurich Airport (, Sprenger Autobahnhof).

Zurich Airport offers various waiting and parking options for drivers picking up or dropping off people at the airport. See below for information on the different options and prices.

Check-in 1 & 2

Passengers can be dropped off free of charge for the first five minutes in the Check-in 1/2 zone. After five minutes CHF 1 per minute will be charged.

The stopping zones for Check-in 1 and Check-in 2 are signposted. Passengers using Check-in 3 are advised to park in car park P3.

Arrival 1 & 2 / Picking up

The lower curbside level offers a convenient short-term parking option Arrival 1 & 2 for picking up passengers directly in front of the arrival halls. (Please see the following table of charges)

Longer stays
For longer stays e.g. when accompanying passengers, you can use car parks P1 (Check-in 1/Arrival 1), P2 (Check-in 2/Arrival 2) and P3 (Check-in 3).

Parking for taller vehicles
Parking spaces are available for vehicles which are taller than 2 metres. Please note the information in the document entitled.

Navigation systems

Please note that Zurich Airport does not have its own street address. Navigation systems in cars have a function that allows you to enter points of interest (POI) such as airports, multi-storey car parks, train stations, etc. Choose within the POI “airports” and simply enter Zurich Airport.

Renting a parking space is an even more convenient option. Your vehicle is parked in an area reserved and labelled for you on separate floors. Rent your personal parking space in a car park of your choice.

Choose between car part P1 (Check-in/Arrival 1), P2 (Check-in 2/Arrival 2), P3 (Check-in 3) or car park P6. In the underground car park below car park P1 there are exclusive parking spaces in a separate area with restricted access. You can reach the terminals quickly and easily without having to use a lift.

The current rent is:CHF
Car park P1 – P3:400.00
Car park P6:400.00
Underground car park (private area):500.00

These prices are valid per month and do not include statutory VAT.
Prices may change without notice. The minimum rental period is three months.

Long-term parking card

The long-term parking card is a very attractive offer for companies and frequent flyers. You settle the costs conveniently with a quarterly invoice.

A parking card costs CHF 325.00 per month, excl. VAT. The minimum contract term is three months. Prices are subject to change.